Power Ranking the Mid-Tier Free-Agent Starting Pitchers

Source: Jim Rogash/Getty Images North America

Source: Jim Rogash/Getty Images North America

The Boston Red Sox signed David Price to a seven-year, $217 million deal. The Detroit Tigers signed Jordan Zimmermann to a five-year, $110 million deal. Johnny Cueto and Zack Greinke could come off the market any day now. But that’s not who we’re really paying attention to, right?

Wrong. You’re probably being very impatient, waiting on the news on where Cueto and Greinke will eventually sign. You’re probably extra impatient to hear news on the latter.

But we all know you’re interested to see where the next tier of arms end up, along with what contract they’ll get. I’ll rank the following pitchers from lowest predicted contract to the highest:

Most of you can probably guess who will be mentioned first on the next slide. Remember, I’m ranking them from lowest predicted contract to highest. I know you don’t want to click through 11 more slides, so I’ll break them up in groups of four, until the top three come around. Let’s get started.

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  1. J French Rennier

    This article is a little dated, Greinke signed for $34 mill with the Diamondbacks which rules out their signing Leake. The Giants signed the Shark & have more money left to burn.
    The $64 question is whether the Giants will sign Leake or a Leftfielder as they are unable to sign both.
    The Giants have Heston available as a 5th Starter behind the Mad Bum, the Shark, Peavy & Cain so a Leake signing is not a necessity.
    The also can use a platoon in LeftField with Blanco when not playing Center, Parker & Williamson both called up at the end of last year & Tomlinson who is learning the outfield becoming a Super Utilityman so a proven big bat left fielder is also not a necessity especially since they are basically set in the batting order 1 thru 7.
    As a longtime Giant Fan, my prediction is they will heavily pursue Leake who fits their ballpark & is a good age for a 5 year contract averaging $15 to $18 mill ea.


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