Classic Threads: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

California and the Big “A”: 1971-1992

Mark Avery / Associated Press

Mark Avery / Associated Press

This was the uniform set they have had the longest, the big “A” logo even became a prominent part of Anaheim Stadium. During this time, there were a few different, subtle looks to this uniform set.

In fact the larger, uppercase “A” was not seen on the uniforms in 1971 and 1972. Instead it was a lowercase “a” featured on the button down jersey top and even the hat.

The look that took over after that was the uppercase “A”, with the state alternate logo on the left sleeve and the halo sans-serif “A” cap. That was a great era of Nolan Ryan’s highest single season strikeout totals, star sluggers and a few visits to the ALCS. These jerseys made a nice cameo in the first Naked Gun film.

From 1986 to 1992, the left sleeve alternate logo was altered. The state outline logo was put inside a baseball, still starring Los Angeles and featuring the halo “A”.

This uniform set also went from a v-neck pullover (1973-1988) to a button down top (1989-92).

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