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Tequila Sunrise: 1975-1986

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Orange became the standout color for the Astros. Earning the nickname “Tequila Sunrise” or drawing comparisons to an orange rainbow pop, it was not until these uniforms were long gone that fans began to appreciate them.

So unique were the Astros uniforms, they did not have a road jersey between 1975-1979. Even the numbers on the back of the jerseys were different. The 1975 jerseys had the numbers placed in a white circle. That was short-lived, but there were different back number fonts throughout its run.

Prior to 1980, the Astros pants featured the player’s number on the right thigh.

From 1980-1986, Houston then adopted a new road uniform. The v-neck pullover featured the orange rainbow on the shoulders running down the sleeves and a navy blue “Astros” script with star. Even though it was still a white jersey, the Astros wore it on the road.

A subtle change was made on the “Tequila Sunrise” top in 1983. The star on the front was given a white outline, replacing the orange outline. The stripes were refocused to a more reddish orange, as opposed to the yellowish hue. The white outline also extended to the back jersey numbers.

The navy blue hat was the road hat from 1980 until 1983 when it replaced the orange lid.

The “Tequila Sunrise” uniforms were always my favorite Astros uniform. While it featured some bold and odd colors to be associated with something in good style, it’s a fun look. Even the “H” in front of the star caps was another favorite of mine. The first retro hat I bought, back when MLB started marketing those, was the navy blue Houston hat.

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