Classic Threads: Houston Astros

A Shooting Star Remix: 1994-1999

Associated Press

Associated Press

As new expansion teams popped up in the 1990’s, regardless of sport, the idea of creating new sports logos and choosing colors schemes demanded a tough look. A redesign of the Astros to close out the 20th century included a more aggressive shooting star and a new, revamped wordmark.

The orange and navy got replaced by Vegas gold and midnight blue. The home whites had a blue “Astros” script with a gold trimmed starburst in the “o”. The road uni’s had a blue “Houston” with a gold-trimmed starburst on the second “o”. This was changed in 1997 to the starburst leading the wordmark from the “n” in Houston.

The back of the jerseys had a more defined look on the home and away jerseys.

Also changing was the hat, which for the most part was the gold starburst logo on a midnight blue hat. There was also an alternate with a gold brim. Even another alternate, actually a batting practice cap, with an oval around the starburst was worn in a few games.

As the idea of alternate uniforms became the norm, the Astros had a navy blue (with “Astros” across the front) and a black jersey with a star burst logo on the chest.

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