Classic Threads: Houston Astros

Remixing the Shooting Star Remix: 2000-2012

David J. Phillip / Associated Press

David J. Phillip / Associated Press

A new century, a new ballpark, a more relaxed, a more classical look. The Astros, once again, changed the color scheme, going with black, red and cream.

The home jerseys, with black pinstripes, featured “Astros” in a black cursive script with a red number on the lower left side. The away jerseys, in plain gray, had “Houston” in a red cursive script with black numbers on the lower left side. Both the home and away jerseys had the sleeve patch of the starburst in the outline of Texas.

The Astros had a plain white uniform, featuring the “Astros” cursive script in red. A black jersey was also worn with both “Astros” and “Houston” on the front. Alternate uniform sets included home red and road red uniforms.

There were two hats worn. The everyday hat was the black, with a red starburst with creme accent. The red alternate, worn with the plain whites, had a cream starburst with a black accent.

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