Classic Threads: Houston Astros

A Return to a Classic: 2013-Present

Karen Warren / Houston Chronicle

Karen Warren / Houston Chronicle

A move to the American League and a new uniform set that taps back into the Astros roots. Orange and navy are back plus the “H” and star hat logo return.

The home white feature a vertically arched “Astros” in a navy blue, orange trim. The uniform number on the lower left and big numbers and name plate on the back.

The road grays have the same style, but instead say “Houston” on the front with the same color font. This set has been worn with the navy blue hat with an orange brim.

A prominent orange alternate jersey top has also been a popular pick with the team (they wore them in the AL Wild Card Game).  The orange hat has also been used as an alternate hat, which has been worn with the home whites.

The left sleeves feature a circle logo that’s orange on the whites, blue on the gray and orange tops.

Tomorrow will stick with the AL West and the Oakland Athletics.

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