Power Ranking All 30 MLB Team Uniforms

20. (tie) New York Mets

Credit: www.nbcsports.com

Credit: www.nbcsports.com

Home: 12

The Mets have pinstripes on their home uniforms, but they don’t do it justice. Their home alternates without the stripes are a better look.

Road: 13

The Mets surprisingly don’t have a terrible road uniform. The grey with dark blue New York outlined in orange looks nice.

Alternates/Throwbacks: 6/10

The Mets have a lot of different options, and they are all very visually appealing. The orange and blue are the most popular.

Overall: 31/50

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  1. korey

    Royals got the best unis in baseball that’s coming from a cards fan

    • The SeaBo Red Mariners

      you’re crazy, the Royal’s uniforms are ugly


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