Classic Threads: Oakland Athletics

The Tank Tops: 1968-1971



As Charles Finley moved the team from Kansas City to Oakland, the team maintained the tank look for the first four seasons. Bold green and yellow tank tops became a calling card of 1970’s baseball.

The inaugural 1968 season featured a special uniform set noting the move to Oakland. The white, gray and yellow tops each had “Oakland” in an arched script.

From 1969 on, the Athletics simplified their jersey tops with an “A’s” logo on the top left and the uniform number on the lower right (which was a callback to their old Kansas City days). They still had a white, gray and yellow jersey.

The A’s even had a variety of hats. Still keeping in line with their days in K.C., coaches wore white hats (different from the players). The main hat for the first two years was a green hat with a more subtle “A” logo. A green with yellow brim hat was introduced in 1970. In the early years, there was even an all yellow hat with a green “A”.

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