Orioles Can’t Wait on Chris Davis Forever

According to Roch Kubatko of MASN Sports, the Baltimore Orioles have offered Chris Davis a lot of money. Like a lot alot. After meeting with agent Scott Boras yesterday, it is believed that the club has offered Davis up to $150 million.

It should come as no surprise that little progress was made in the negotiations. An offer of $150 million is likely the best the Orioles can do over six years. That may wind up being the best offer Davis can get, but it’s unlikely that he has received many others at this time. The market for the free-agent slugger has not really cleared itself up much, and none of the other big-name hitters have signed. Most of the big spenders spent the first few weeks of the offseason pursuing ace pitchers, not hitters.

Without many other offers coming in at this time, it is wise for Davis and Boras to take their time in making a decision. Other offers will begin coming in as teams look at where they are in negotiations with Yoenis Cespedes, Justin Upton, and Jason Heyward. Missing out on one of those names could prompt a team to make a big offer to Davis. A surprise team, like the Houston Astros, could also emerge to vie for Davis’s services.

The Winter Meetings are a great time to take all the offers and mull them over, but it will likely take longer for Chris Davis to make a decision. The Orioles may have already made their best offer, and do have the advantage of being first. That offer may not be on the table for long, however.

As the Winter Meetings are a great time for players to get new contracts, they are also a time for General Managers to make trades and complete their rosters. The Orioles cannot afford to allow Davis to string them along, only to sign with someone else at the end of the day. There are other fallback options on the market that would fit well with the Orioles. Pedro Alvarez is a free agent after being non-tendered by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Mitch Moreland is on the trade block. Both may be options for the Orioles. If Davis makes the Orioles wait too long, it could leave the team with no chance to recover quickly enough to make a big offer for Upton or Alex Gordon, two outfield options who would fit well in Baltimore.

Signing baseball free agents is not like college football recruiting. A good college coach can take three five-star quarterbacks with no consequence. It does not quite work that way when hundreds of millions of dollars are involved. The Orioles have the money to spend big on one free agent, but if they put all their eggs in the Chris Davis basket, Baltimore could be left with a very empty basket come Opening Day.

The mega-offer for Chris Davis is on the table, but it cannot stay there forever. Davis must do what’s best for him, but the Orioles must do what’s best for themselves, too.

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  1. Eric

    Take the damn money Davis; how munch you need to keep the wife happy?
    Life with millions..


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