Classic Threads: Seattle Mariners

Compass Rose and Emerald: 1993- Present

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

The Mariners made a better change in 1993, changing the uniform colors to navy blue, northwest green and silver. The green plays up to Seattle being the Emerald City.

“Seattle” returned to the road uniforms, switching at times between the “S” as a compass points and not having the compass points. The home white uniforms had the “Mariners” script with the compass rose above the “M”.

As alternate jerseys became popular, the new colors gave the Mariners a very bold look. During the mid-90’s and even recently, the green jersey is a sharp look. For a short time, sleeveless versions of the home and the away jerseys were part of the rotation. Making rare appearances were navy batting practice jerseys (though these look more like black). A couple seasons ago, the Mariners unveiled home whites with their original blue and yellow color scheme that look great.

The new lids featured the “S” compass points logo in different color schemes. The main hat has been the navy on navy look. Early on the navy on green brim was the home hat. The green on navy brim hat was the alternate lid. Recently, the Mariners wore a blue with yellow logo hat, to honor their early colors.

Added to the sleeves were the Mariners round compass point logo.

Tomorrow I’ll wrap up the AL West with the Texas Rangers

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