Classic Threads: Texas Rangers

Drop Shadow and Henleys: 1972-1982

Associated Press

Associated Press

As the Rangers entered the league, just as other teams were starting to embrace new looks and colors, they did not stray from the trend.

A drop shadown “Rangers” script adorn the front of the home white jerseys. They were button down jerseys from 1972 to 1975. From 1976 on, it was a two button Henley top.

The road uniforms went through a few variations. From 1972 through 1974, they were gray button downs with “Rangers” across the front. “Texas” took over, on a powder blue Henley top. It was all capitals in 1975 and reverted to lower case letters after the “T” from then on.

The Rangers hat during this period was a blue with red brim lid with a white “T” with red trim. It was a simple but cool look.

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