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The Cursive Years: 1984-1993

Bill Janscha / Associated Press

Bill Janscha / Associated Press

Following their one-year uniform, the Rangers decided to make another overhaul on their jerseys. While 1984 and 1985 brought some color, following that, it was a pretty simple and generic look.

The first two seasons introduced a secondary logo, the Rangers cursive script with a baseball and the outline of Texas, on the jersey sleeves.

“Rangers”, in a cursive script was on all the jerseys the first two seasons. Also the players numbers on the lower left were on the home, away and alternate jersey tops. They were some pretty sharp looking tops, both front and back.

The red brim hat was phased out following the 1985 season, as the blue hat with red “T” became the only hat worn.

From 1986 on, the front numbers were dropped from the gray road uni’s (which actually debuted in 1985) and a new block script “Texas” word mark was added. Both home and away dropped the left sleeve patch.

The home whites kept the front numbers and for the most part maintained the same script as the earlier Ranger jerseys of this era.

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