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Lone Star Rangers: 1994 – Present

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Another redesign in the mid-90’s gave the Rangers a more Texan look and really played up to their name sake. A more decorative hat logo and more alternate jerseys gave the Rangers a more colorful appearance.

The home whites kept “Rangers” on the front (going from red to blue) until 2011 when it switched to “Texas”. The front jersey numbers were added in 2001 but removed after the 2010 season.

On the road grays, “Texas” has been adorn on tops the entire run. Going from red to blue in 2000, these jerseys have been constant.

There have been a good number of alternate jersey sets worn. During the mid-2000’s the Rangers had sleeveless home whites and road grays. Making a comeback were the red and the blue jerseys.

Replacing the lone star logo patch, that was worn earlier in this run, was the Texas flag patch on the left sleeve.

Red hats with a white “T” with blue trim was the teams only lid until 2000. The road hat was blue with the white “T”. Next season, that hat became the home hat and a red “T” blue lid was worn on the road. The red hats are still in the rotation. For a few games there was even a black brim hat, which did not look right.

Overall the Rangers have given baseball fans some pretty stylized jerseys over the years. One of my favorite pieces of their uniform was the blue hat worn from the late 1980’s to the early 1990’s. It was a simple look but it looked nice.

On Monday, I’ll be going to the NL West and the Arizona Diamondbacks

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