Ten Big Losers from the Winter Meetings

Source: Mitchell Layton/Getty Images North America

Source: Mitchell Layton/Getty Images North America

10. Chris Davis

The final biggest individual loser of the Winter Meetings was Chris Davis. After a season in which he slugged 40+ home runs, Davis was entering the free agent market looking for a hefty payday. Prior to the Winter Meetings, many pegged Davis value in the $150 million range with a contract of a six or seven year length. The Orioles were seen as the favorite to re-sign Davis, given their will to bring him back, and the complete market for the first baseman had yet to really develop. Following the Winter Meetings, that market has perhaps taken a step backward, and Davis may be in some trouble.

During the Winter Meetings, the Orioles offered Davis a contract in the seven year, $150 million range. That contract was shot down by Davis and his agent, Scott Boras. In return, the Orioles offered a little more money, reportedly offering $168 million. That offer was also shot down. Word came out after this that Davis and Boras were seeking an eight year contract worth a total of $200 million. The Orioles then pulled their offer off the table, seemingly upset at Davis rebuffing their offer, which has left the market for Davis even less settled than it was before the meetings. Now Davis has to start from square one, and may find himself with less money because of his desire for more money driving away the Orioles in the interim.

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