Ten Big Losers from the Winter Meetings

Source: Rob Foldy/Getty Images North America

Source: Rob Foldy/Getty Images North America

7. Jose Fernandez

Another player that came into this week as quite a hot commodity was Jose Fernandez of the Miami Marlins. There have been a lot of conflicting reports and back and forth about the likelihood of Fernandez being traded by the Marlins this offseason with those discussions heating up as the Winter Meetings drew near. While Marcell Ozuna was another piece the Marlins were pushing this week, Fernandez seemed to be the focus of attention for both the Marlins and other teams, as well as the media.

While the Marlins had a vast number of trade talks with quite a few different teams, talks never seemed to get real serious. Fernandez still finds himself a Marlin, with an almost unattainable asking price attached to his name. The Marlins have made it clear that Fernandez is an expendable piece for them for the the right return, but now they must face the fact that he may still be a Marlin next year if the asking price isn’t lowered. For Fernandez, he now knows how his team views him, and it may be hard to convince him that Miami still wants him around for next season and into the future.

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