Which Jason Heyward bidder needs him most?

If the rumors are to be believed, Jason Heyward is deciding between three teams, the St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, and Washington Nationals. He reportedly has a $200 million offer in hand, likely from the Nationals. It’s difficult to imagine that the Cubs or Cardinals are the team that made the offer for $200 million. Regardless, Heyward should be making his decision soon.

The $200 million figure could be completely fabricated, as in recent weeks, a $100 million offer was reported for Jeff Samardzija and a $80 million offer was floated for Ben Zobrist. Samardzija signed for $90 million and Zobrist for $56 million. Heyward’s offer may be legitimate as he is viewed as a $20-25 million player over eight or nine years. A 26-year-old outfielder who plays Gold Glove defense, steals bases, takes walks, and could blossom into a 25-homer threat is rare on the free-agent market. Someone will pay Heyward a ton of money, and the analysts will collectively deem it an overpay because it is difficult to measure the full value of Heyward’s well-rounded game.

So, of the Cardinals, Cubs, and Nationals, which team needs Heyward the most?

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