Five Teams That Must Step Up Over the Remainder of the Offseason


Source: Jamie Squire/Getty Images North America

At the onset of the 2015 offseason, many expected to see an active winter. With one of the strongest free-agent pitching classes in recent memory preparing to hit the market, there was sure to be plenty of green flying, early and often. With names like Jason Heyward, David Price, Zack Greinke, and Chris Davis primed to test their market value, it was anticipated that the Hot Stove would begin an early burn.

Well, the winter hasn’t disappointed to this point. To date, the offseason has been highlighted by record-breaking contracts, jaw-dropping trades, and surprising last-minute signings. Whether it’s Zack Greinke‘s monumental contact with the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Chicago Cubs signing of outfielder Jason Heyward, or the Diamondbacks further strengthening their team with the surprise acquisition of Shelby Miller, this offseason has had no shortage of attention-grabbing headlines.

With each offseason, there are winners, the teams that go over and above to improve their team, by filling glaring holes. There are also losers, the teams that may try to improve their team, but fall short in their attempts. Somewhere in between though, you have the teams that have failed in improving their team. Those teams are referred to as the ones that “must step up” before Spring Training begins.

Now that we’ve squared that away, let’s take a look at the five teams that must “step-up” over the remainder of the 2015 offseason.

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