Classic Threads: Arizona Diamondbacks

The First Diamondbacks Uni’s: 1998-2000

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Getty Images

The Diamondbacks gave the southwest, long associated with Spring Training and instructional leagues, their own major league club. As it went in the 1990’s, finding a tough regional animal, or in this case reptile, and pairing it with a non-traditional team color and black was en vogue.

The home whites, in a black pinstripe, had “Diamond” in a teal with purple trim and “Backs” in a purple box in white script. There was also a purple player number with teal trim on the lower left side.

In a similar look, the road grays were pinstripes, featured the player number, but instead said “Arizona” across the front.

Other alternate uniforms included tanks, black with the “A” chest logo  and a purple jersey top.Both the purple and black looked pretty sharp with the sleeve trim.

Taking advantage of marketing numerous hats, Arizona gave fans many options in terms of on field headgear. With the “A” logo, there was the full purple hat, the black with teal brim and a white with purple brim alternate. The snake “D” logo was their road hat first in an all purple and then all black.

On the left shirt sleeve was a secondary “Diamondbacks” logo patch.

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