Power Ranking all 30 MLB Ballparks

T-20: Oakland Coliseum (Oakland Athletics)

Credit: Oakland Athletics

Credit: Oakland Athletics

Visual: 12/25

The Coliseum is known for also housing the Oakland Raiders, and this causes it to be unoriginal. There’s not much A’s stuff permanently, and the outfield stands are high up on the wall. As far as amenities go, the stadium is pretty bare bones. Its parking lot is ringed with barbed wire.

History: 19/25

While it lacks visual appeal, some history has happened in Oakland. It has seen a few World Series, a Super Bowl, and a perfect game. That’s quite a resume its built for itself.

Overall: 31/50

2 Responses

  1. brobetoy

    Nice article but CoPa’s dirt cutout isn’t triangular, it’s five sided and shaped like home plate.

  2. Justin

    I have multiple problems with this article. First, it’s obvious that you haven’t been to half these stadiums. I have, and disagree with just about all your assessments. Second of all, your criteria is absurd. History shouldn’t be half your assessment, because when you go to many ballparks that have been around for 40-50 years, you just don’t “feel” the history. How Yankee Stadium is considered better than Citi Field is mind-boggling. You’ve gotta do better research.


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