Power Ranking all 30 MLB Ballparks

T-15: Citi Field (New York Mets)

Credit: New York Mets

Credit: New York Mets

Visual: 17/25

Citi Field offers some cool features, including green seats like the Polo Grounds, as well as the outside looking like Ebbets Field. Both of these were to pay respect to former stadiums home to New York baseball. Plus the Home Run Apple is a fan favorite.

History: 15/25

Citi Field opened in 2009, and is one of baseball’s newer ballparks. It has seen a no-hitter and World Series games thanks to the 2015 run by the Mets, but has undergone construction to move the fences in twice already, which isn’t a good sign.

Overall: 32/50

2 Responses

  1. brobetoy

    Nice article but CoPa’s dirt cutout isn’t triangular, it’s five sided and shaped like home plate.

  2. Justin

    I have multiple problems with this article. First, it’s obvious that you haven’t been to half these stadiums. I have, and disagree with just about all your assessments. Second of all, your criteria is absurd. History shouldn’t be half your assessment, because when you go to many ballparks that have been around for 40-50 years, you just don’t “feel” the history. How Yankee Stadium is considered better than Citi Field is mind-boggling. You’ve gotta do better research.


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