Classic Threads: Los Angeles Dodgers

West Coast Flannel: 1958-1969

LA Examiner

LA Examiner

As the Dodgers went westward, their uniforms temporarily stayed the same as the duds they wore in Brooklyn. The 1958 season saw the Dodgers keeping the road “Dodgers” style to their jerseys. Obviously, the team had new headgear, swapping the “B” with the “L” crossing the “A” logo we know and love.

At home, the Dodger white jerseys were a simple white button down with the slanted “Dodgers” script in blue and red player number. The number on the back (remember this was before player names were standard) was in Dodger blue.

The road gray jerseys adopted the “Los Angeles” slanted cursive script in 1959 and also took on the red player number. Much like the home jersey, a Dodger blue number was on the back. Between 1958 to 1962, the blue yoke was on the gray jersey. After that, it went yoke less. I really loved how that blue yoke looked on the old gray flannels.

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