Classic Threads: Los Angeles Dodgers

Keeping the Spirit of the Thing: 1970-1999

Rich Pilling / Getty Images

Rich Pilling / Getty Images


The beauty of the Dodgers uniform has been its consistency throughout the year. From the 1970’s to the turn of the century, not much really changed with the uniform. There were only subtle changes.

Nothing changed on the home whites. The “Dodgers” script stayed the same, the player number on the front stayed red. The only thing added was the player name above the back number in the corresponding blue with a subtle white outline.

The biggest change, as seen on the road grays, was adding a white outline to the “Dodgers” script (which replaced “Los Angeles”). Besides that it was similar to the home uniforms. The player number and number also had a white outline as well.

It goes with out saying there was no alterations to the Dodger lid.

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