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Still Dodger Blue After All These Years: 2000-Present

Jeff Gross / Getty Images

Jeff Gross / Getty Images

Once again, small changes were put on the road uniforms and the Dodgers added some alternate uniforms. For the most part, keeping with the tradition of simple uniforms have been the team’s norm. That’s a good thing since they have had the classiest look in baseball.

The home whites still remain the same. There was no change to the “Dodgers” script or the front player number. The “LA” logo was added to the left sleeve. The back number and name kept the white outline until 2007 when it was removed.

On the road grays, “Los Angeles” returned, along with the blue yoke and a white outline around the script. By 2007, the outline and the yoke were dropped. At first a “Dodgers” cursive script patch was added to the left sleeve only to be replaced with the “LA” logo. The white outline was also dropped from the back of the jerseys.

In 1999, the Dodgers were looking to try something different with their road uni’s. A faux vest top was designed with a collage of classic Dodger elements to it. It never made it to the field, but it’s a unique look.

Alternate uniforms that did make it to the field included a short lived blue jersey top. With the white yoke and outline on the script and numbers, it was pretty sharp. Recently added was a road gray “Dodgers” jersey.

There was still no change to the Dodger cap.

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