Classic Threads: San Diego Padres

Classic Threads continues in southern California as we look at the San Diego Padres uni’s

Associated Press

Associated Press

Throughout the years the San Diego Padres have had some of the boldest uniforms in the league. While it’s hard to imagine a team sporting brown and yellow would be applauded for that color combo, Padres fans have endeared themselves to it. Though for a team whose earlier color schemes made their look comparable to Tim Hortons employees, the Padres have constantly gone against the grain for their look.

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  1. Stats1203

    The Navy blue uniforms were good for a while, but they’ve gotten way too bland. It’s time to make brown, orange and gold the standard again. The Padres unis should be unique and eye catching. They are the spicy alternative to the Dodgers. If they’re going to build a new brand around Eric Hosmer, they should make a new (old) color scheme part of it.


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