Classic Threads: San Diego Padres

The Early Years: 1969-1971

The San Diego Union-Tribune

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Joining the NL in 1969, the Padres took a more conservative approach to their uniforms. This was before the double knit phenomenon that swept baseball and it left San Diego looking plain and basic.

The home white uniforms had an arched “Padres” script in brown with yellow outline. The back player number was done in the same format.

The road gray uniform had a similar look. “San Diego” was on the front in an arched script in brown with a yellow outline. The same on the back player number. For 1969 only, the team also had an off-white “Padres” jersey top. It’s hard to find whether this was a home or road top.

The team’s main hat was the all brown “SD” hat. Introduced in 1971 was the road yellow with brown bill hat.

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  1. Stats1203

    The Navy blue uniforms were good for a while, but they’ve gotten way too bland. It’s time to make brown, orange and gold the standard again. The Padres unis should be unique and eye catching. They are the spicy alternative to the Dodgers. If they’re going to build a new brand around Eric Hosmer, they should make a new (old) color scheme part of it.


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