Classic Threads: San Diego Padres

Prominent Mustard & Brown: 1972-1979

Focus on Sports / Getty Images

Focus on Sports / Getty Images

Now we start to see the Padres shake things up. The team transitions from button downs to v-neck pullovers, brown and yellow make more of an appearance and new hats are introduced. It felt like every year or so, a new uniform was being unveiled.

During this run there were numerous home jerseys. For 1972 and 1973, the all mustard yellow look was it. “Padres” was featured in a brown script. The yellow button down jersey had a brown player number and brown stripe on the side.

The cursive “Padres” script was introduced in 1974. At first it was a button down, it transitioned to a v-neck in 1976. The back of the jersey added the player name in the brown with yellow trim.

The team took the v-neck to the next level in 1978 and 1979, embracing the “softball” look. Brown shoulder and sleeves but the rest is white adorn the jersey. The player number stayed the same on the front but two different scripts were on the front. “San Diego Padres” was the script in 1978, but it was shortened to just “Padres” in 1979. The back of the jerseys those last two years had a brown player name but a yellow with brown outline number.

In 1972 and 1973, the road uniforms were all mustard but instead featured “San Diego” in a similar style as the home jerseys. Gray returned the next two seasons, keeping in line with “San Diego” on the front but in a brown and yellow trim.

The softball jersey effect started in 1976. Those first brown jersey has only “San Diego” on the front in yellow. In 1978 the road uniforms were both in yellow and brown. Much like the home jerseys, “San Diego Padres” was on the front and the lower player number returned. The 1979 road top stayed brown and went to a new styled “San Diego” script logo. They still looked great front to back.

The all brown hat survives for only 1972. The brown with partial yellow front panel was introduced in 1972 as an alternate. The yellow part was reduced over time. It became the team’s only hat for the rest of this run.

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  1. Stats1203

    The Navy blue uniforms were good for a while, but they’ve gotten way too bland. It’s time to make brown, orange and gold the standard again. The Padres unis should be unique and eye catching. They are the spicy alternative to the Dodgers. If they’re going to build a new brand around Eric Hosmer, they should make a new (old) color scheme part of it.


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