Classic Threads: San Diego Padres

Blue & Orange: 1991-2003

Mary Butkus / Associated Press Photo

Mary Butkus / Associated Press Photo

Entering the 1991 season, the Padres decided to add depth to their uniforms. Brown was phased out for navy blue and white became a valued accent to their look.

Not a lot changed on the home whites. The blue became the base color to the front script and a white accent gave the orange drop shadow depth. The home jersey looked great with the navy pinstripes. The back of the jersey player name was navy and the number was navy but with the white and orange outline. The pinstripes were removed in 2002 as the home jersey added a navy player number and all navy script.

Pinstripes were dropped from the road grays. An arched “San Diego” in navy blue with a white outline and orange drop shadow was across the front. The back of the top had the player name in navy and the number in a navy with white and orange outline. Both the home and away jerseys had the new Padres circle logo on the left sleeve.

In the late 1990’s, a navy blue alternate jersey top was added to the rotation. It brought back a colorful look to the Padres. The back of the jersey had a white name and an orange with white outline number completed the look. The “Swinging Friar” logo (a personal favorite of mine) was added to the sleeve.

The navy blue hat with the white and orange “SD” took over. The all white “SD” became the home hat in 2002.

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  1. Stats1203

    The Navy blue uniforms were good for a while, but they’ve gotten way too bland. It’s time to make brown, orange and gold the standard again. The Padres unis should be unique and eye catching. They are the spicy alternative to the Dodgers. If they’re going to build a new brand around Eric Hosmer, they should make a new (old) color scheme part of it.


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