Classic Threads: San Diego Padres

Basic Blues: 2004-Present

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

In this run, the Padres had so many variations to their jerseys. All the while the fan reception to their look was categorized by nondescript or boring. Regardless, the Padres settled on navy blue and white to be their look.

Their home uni’s took on many variations, but the one constant was keeping the wave inspired “Padres” script. The early versions of the whites was as a plain top. Recently they added a blue yoke which gave it more depth.

The road uniforms took a radical turn this time. While they were panned by most (I welcomed the fresh look on it), the Padres briefly wore “sand” road uniforms. It was a darker color than the cream uni’s San Francisco was wearing. It gave a distinct off white look, but only lasted a few seasons.

Besides the “sand” uniforms, were conventional grays. A “San Diego” script with a large “S” and even larger “D” took over the first half. More recently an arched “San Diego” script with letters of equal size took over the front.

Keeping the navy blue alternates was a great move by San Diego. At first the “Padres” wave script was on the tops. The backs looked nice with the sand color for the names and numbers. The newer and better version have the simple but effective white “SD” logo on the chest. Given the white yoke and the contrasting white name and number on the back, it’s superb.

The Padres most noted alternate uniform is their camouflage jersey top. They started the whole camo thing back in the early 2000’s. Given the city’s long association with the U.S. Navy, it is a great idea. Since their inception, there have been numerous styles of camo worn by the Padres (including the new version).

There were a few sleeve patches worn, ranging from the earlier tops sporting the “wave” logo, to variations of my beloved “Swinging Friar” logo to the newer Padres mark.

During this run the Padres wore quite a few different hats. The main lids were the navy blue hat with either the all white “SD” logo or the sand with white trim “SD” logo. With their camo sets, at first it was a green with khaki brown “SD”. More recently, the hat went to brown with the “SD” in brown with white outline.

Earlier this month the new jerseys were announced and unveiled. Rather than rehash what I’ve already said, I’ll let other stories do it.

Finishing off the NL West, we’ll look at the uniforms of the San Francisco Giants




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  1. Stats1203

    The Navy blue uniforms were good for a while, but they’ve gotten way too bland. It’s time to make brown, orange and gold the standard again. The Padres unis should be unique and eye catching. They are the spicy alternative to the Dodgers. If they’re going to build a new brand around Eric Hosmer, they should make a new (old) color scheme part of it.


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