Carlos Gonzalez: Five Best Trade Fits

Los Angeles Angels

The Angels’ left-field situation was a black hole in 2015, one that swallowed up the likes of Matt Joyce, David Murphy, and Shane Victorino. The Angels got a combined -1.4 fWAR out of their left fielders last season, a number that looks especially bad contrasted with superstar Mike Trout (9.0 fWAR) in center field. That should only make the Halos and free-spending owner Arte Moreno major players for one of those great free-agent left fielders still out there, right? RIGHT?!?




Welp. Couple that with Manager Mike Scioscia’s comments about preferring to add a left-handed hitter, and you have yourself a pretty compelling case for acquiring the best left-handed outfielder on the trade market. Despite the problems Angel Stadium and its mammoth right- field fence would present to a left-handed slugger, Gonzalez would be a massive upgrade over the current platoon of Daniel Nava and Craig Gentry. He’d also stabilize a lineup that currently features only one lefty regular (Kole Calhoun) and gets most of its production from righty mashers Trout and Albert Pujols. There are a couple problems with this scenario, however. The first is that the Angels’ farm system has been so totally stripped bare that you — yes, you — might be their top prospect. That means that in order to complete a trade for Gonzalez, the Angels would have to take on most, if not all, of his salary. Which brings us to problem number two: taking on that amount of money would almost definitely put the Angels’ payroll over MLB’s luxury-tax threshold for 2016. If they don’t want to go over the luxury tax for a top free agent, why would they do so for a lesser option in CarGo?

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