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A Whole New Ballgame: 1977-1982

Michael Zagaris / MLB Photos - Getty Images

Michael Zagaris / MLB Photos – Getty Images

Much like every other team in the league during the late 1970’s, the Giants embraced the pullover craze. With it came a new look to the front of the jersey as well.

The home whites had the slightly slanted “Giants” script in a black with orange trim. The player number was added on the lower left side. The back of the jersey had the name and number in a black with orange outline as well.

As the standard road uniform, San Fran had two variations of their orange top. For 1977 only, the front had “San Francisco” in an arched font similar to their older “Giants” script. From 1978 on the font took on the “Giants” script that the white and black top had. The back had the same black with white trim as seen on the front.

The alternate, added in 1978 was the black “Giants” top. The front script and number matched in color to the back number and name in an orange with white trim look.

The Giants added a new twist on their hat. The new lid had an orange brim, giving it more pop. I did happen upon this one photo of a pillbox styled hat. Yet no reference or even another photo showing a Giants player wearing this hat was ever found. I do not know if this was just a spring training lid or what. If any Giants fans know, feel free to let me know. I’m curious at this point.

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  1. Stats1203

    That black Giants alternate from the late 70’s was classic. They ought to wear those every once in a while, if they don’t already.
    Bring back the pullovers!


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