Classic Threads: San Francisco Giants

Fresh Look For Candlestick: 1983-1993

Associated Press

Associated Press

The button downs were back as the 1980’s brought back a sense of tradition in the Giants on field attire.

On the home whites, there was a new, more updated “Giants” script. The more modern fonts and style gave the look a more action packed feel. The back of the jerseys had a new number font, that gave the Giants a unique identity.

The road grays had a more simple, classic look. A black with orange trim “SF” was on the chest along with a cool black yoke. The black and orange on the back gave the uniforms an all business look.

The Giants went back to their classic all black hat.

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  1. Stats1203

    That black Giants alternate from the late 70’s was classic. They ought to wear those every once in a while, if they don’t already.
    Bring back the pullovers!


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