Classic Threads: San Francisco Giants

Return to the Classics: 1994-Present

Mitchell Layton / Getty Images

Mitchell Layton / Getty Images

The 1994 season introduced a uniform set that brings back the teams heritage. It’s no wonder this look has been constant for so many years now and hopefully many more.

The home whites brought back the classic “Giants” script in black. While the back of the jersey maintained the name and number font of the previous run it was later dropped for a more simple, no name, design. The whites looked pretty good on Wesley Snipes. Looking to add another wrinkle was the home jersey going cream in the early 2000’s.

“San Francisco” made a comeback on the road uniforms. From 1994 to 1999 it had a more ornate script. But from 2000 on, it went back to the sans serif script. Recently the “SF” jerseys made a comeback to the road rotation. Much like the home jerseys, the back saw a limited run with the previous font. When the new jerseys came out in 2000, the name stayed and got the exact font treatment as the number.

Black and orange alternates became a part of the Giants wardrobe. The black tops made their first appearance in the early 2000’s. Complete with the no name on back look and with the surname. Last season also saw an “SF” version. The orange tops are also a recent, but welcomed addition. A newly added retro 70’s and 80’s “Giants” top brings back a sense of nostalgia.

The main hat remained the all black lid. Recently, the team brought back the orange billed lid from the 1970’s.

Overall, much like their rival Los Angeles Dodgers, the Giants have had some of the coolest looking uniforms in the league.

With Christmas next week, I’ll be taking a break from doing current teams and instead do some defunct franchises. Monday will feature the short lived Kansas City Athletics. Tuesday will be the Milwaukee Braves. I’ll wrap up the week on Wednesday with the beloved Montreal Expos.

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  1. Stats1203

    That black Giants alternate from the late 70’s was classic. They ought to wear those every once in a while, if they don’t already.
    Bring back the pullovers!


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