A Christmas Wish List For All 30 MLB Teams

Los Angeles Angels: A cloning machine

Source: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images North America

Source: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images North America

Mike Trout does it all. He hits home runs. He gets on base. He steals bases. He plays stellar defense. He is arguably the best all-around player in baseball. He has placed in the top two in AL MVP voting four times, including one first place finish. Oh, and he’s just 24 years old.

The only problem for the Angels is that they have not won a playoff series since 2009.

The Angels have been a consistently above-average team over the past decade. They always seem to compete during the regular season but do not have much to show for it. Maybe their problem could be solved if they had a few more Mike Trouts.

If we can clone sheep, why can’t we clone Trout?

Santa, if cloning human beings is possible, I doubt Angels fans would be opposed to having a few more Trouts on the team. Make it happen, big man.

Stocking Stuffers: a Simba costume for Andrelton Simmons and a new gold chain for Albert Pujols.

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