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St. Louis Cardinals: A dictionary

Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America

Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America

The Cardinals are another team that always seems to be in the playoff race. They won the competitive NL Central last season thanks to their 100 wins and have had just one losing season in this century.

Much to the dismay of their fans, free agent Jason Heyward left the Cardinals to sign with the division rival Chicago Cubs. Whenever a player switches allegiances to a division rival, fans on Twitter automatically assume they started playing the stock market as well. The difference between “traitor” and “trader” becomes a moot point to frustrated fans.

The Cardinals will be just fine. They are one of the most well-run franchises of our generation and they will continue to compete. Once their fans stop calling Heyward a “trader,” they’ll be much happier.

Side note: I highly recommend following @BestFansStLouis on Twitter. Great account that highlights frustrated Cardinals fans.

Stocking Stuffers: some more young outfielders so they can inevitably become superstars.

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