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Cincinnati Reds: An actual flamethrower

Source: Elsa/Getty Images North America

Source: Elsa/Getty Images North America

As the baseball world awaits an investigation regarding the alleged Aroldis Chapman incident, we are left wondering what kind of snowball effect will occur once things are sorted out. The Reds do not appear to be in any type of position to compete this season and they have made that apparent by announcing that none of their players are untouchable in trade discussions.

Home Run Derby champ and 2015 All-Star Todd Frazier was dealt to the Chicago White Sox this past week as part of a three-team trade that brought three Los Angeles Dodgers prospects to Cincinnati. This just provides further proof that the Reds are in full rebuilding mode.

If Chapman is found innocent of wrongdoing by the criminal justice system, and more importantly, Rob Manfred, the Dodgers (or another team) may still be interested in acquiring him. If he is found guilty, he will likely be punished by Major League Baseball. Either way, it looks like the Reds end up without their flame-throwing closer.

In that event, why not get an actual flamethrower? It might make this season a little more interesting at Great American Ballpark and would certainly keep the fans entertained. Just keep it away from Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard when the Mets are in town. We don’t need any unnecessary loss of hair.

Stocking Stuffers: a Billy Hamilton who can actually get on base, a couple starting pitchers whose names I actually recognize, and maybe a few more players named Jumbo.

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