Classic Threads: Kansas City Athletics

New Colors & A Whole New Look: 1963-1967

The Sporting News / Getty Images

The Sporting News / Getty Images

The 1963 brought us the Athletics colors we know and love – green and yellow. The team kept the vest styled tops, as it was in vogue.

The yellow vest acted as the team’s defacto home jersey for a few seasons before ultimately becoming the road jersey. Adorn with the green with white outline “A” and the player number on the lower right side. The A’s had two different fonts for that top. For the 1963 season only, there was an alternate “Athletics” script top. The green undershirt featured the player number in white on the sleeves from 1963 to 1965. The back of the jerseys had the player number in green with a white outline. As a move to inject some flair, owner Charles Finley had the player’s first name or nickname added to the back.

Home whites returned in 1964. The “A” was done, briefly, in a yellow with green trim on the chest. It was joined on the right side with the corresponding player number. The same color scheme was seen on the back of the jersey. The home jerseys  then went with green being the dominant color with yellow trim.

The road grays went through the same styling as the whites. Introduced were tops with the “A” and numbers done in a yellow dominant and green trim scheme. Then there was the green dominant “A” with yellow trim.

The hats received a makeover as well. The lid turned green with a white “KC” logo. The coaches donned white hats with a green “KC”. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the different color coaches hats.

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