Classic Threads: Milwaukee Braves

As Classic Threads continues a look at defunct franchises, let’s look at a squad in the Midwest, The Milwaukee Braves

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

As the Braves left Boston, a town that essentially treated the team like a little brother, they came to city that embraced them. Milwaukee was a community that longed for a major league team. In getting the Braves, they not only got some great arms and powerful bats, they got some of the baseball’s sharpest looking uniforms.

Even though the Braves moved to Atlanta in the mid-60’s, it was reassuring to know that the town Schlitz made famous would get another MLB team in the 1970’s.

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  1. Bryan Allen

    I remember these teams from years gone by & in fact I have the 1914-1926-1927-1948-1950-1957 & 1958 Braves season sets for my baseball game, just to name a few. Some great players came from those season sets & not just on our Braves but for allot of teams. But the only thing I found wrong with this story is, I would much rather of read about the TEAM & not so much about their uniforms. This write up missed the most important part, & that’s the PLAYERS that made up the team. Nice write up on the uniforms, but I’d much rather of read up on the players that were IN those uniforms, & not so much about a fashion statement.


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