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Zip Ups & Tomahawks: 1953-1962

New York Daily News

New York Daily News

With the Braves uprooting from Boston, they kept their overall look they had in Beantown. It’s not hard to imagine the front office holding off on a uniform overhaul when your jerseys look like this.

The uniform’s design was shared by both the home whites and the road grays. The zip ups had the slightly slanted “Braves” script in red with black trim. Under it was a black tomahawk and the player number in a red with black trim. The back of the jersey featured the number in red with black trim.

My favorite accent to the jersey is the red with black threading yoke trim around the placket. Interestingly enough, while looking at the yoking, there were variations. Some jerseys had it squared off, while others had it run straight to the bottom.

On the left sleeve were two different patches. The first was the indian head dress patch, carried over from Boston. Later on, the open mouth indian patch started making an appearance. I know that logos and patches depicting Native Americans is not PC, but I always loved the look of the early head dress patch.

The Braves updated their lid, the navy and red billed hat featured a white “M”.

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  1. Bryan Allen

    I remember these teams from years gone by & in fact I have the 1914-1926-1927-1948-1950-1957 & 1958 Braves season sets for my baseball game, just to name a few. Some great players came from those season sets & not just on our Braves but for allot of teams. But the only thing I found wrong with this story is, I would much rather of read about the TEAM & not so much about their uniforms. This write up missed the most important part, & that’s the PLAYERS that made up the team. Nice write up on the uniforms, but I’d much rather of read up on the players that were IN those uniforms, & not so much about a fashion statement.


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