Classic Threads: Milwaukee Braves

A Cleaner Look: 1963-1965

Photo File / Getty Images

Photo File / Getty Images

For the last few seasons in Milwaukee, the Braves toned down the uniform. Even though it was not as ornate, and now a button down, it still looked great.

Once again, both the home whites and the road grays shared the same look. The red, slightly arched “Braves” script had a fine navy outline. The player number, in red with a navy trim, stayed on the lower left. The yoke was a fine black trim. The back player number was red with navy trim.

The open mouth indian head patch stayed on the left sleeve.

There was no change to the team hat.

Tomorrow, our look at non-existing franchises concludes with the Montreal Expos

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  1. Bryan Allen

    I remember these teams from years gone by & in fact I have the 1914-1926-1927-1948-1950-1957 & 1958 Braves season sets for my baseball game, just to name a few. Some great players came from those season sets & not just on our Braves but for allot of teams. But the only thing I found wrong with this story is, I would much rather of read about the TEAM & not so much about their uniforms. This write up missed the most important part, & that’s the PLAYERS that made up the team. Nice write up on the uniforms, but I’d much rather of read up on the players that were IN those uniforms, & not so much about a fashion statement.


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