Which teams can afford a Jose Fernandez trade?

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Credit: Rudy Hardy/ Cal Sports Media

There are rumors swirling that the Miami Marlins are thinking about parting ways with their 23-year-old ace pitcher. Most team wouldn’t even consider moving a prized talent like Jose Fernandez, but the Marlins have never done things in a normal fashion. The Marlins still “say” Fernandez will be back with the club in 2016, but the Marlins “say” a lot of things.

To consider moving a talent like Fernandez the return must be absolutely mind-boggling. Fernandez is arguably one of the top-five pitchers in the league in terms of pure dominance. He can be flat-out unhittable on the mound, and you have to figure he is only going to get better.

There are some reasons to be concerned and perhaps that’s why the Marlins are willing to sell high on Fernandez. He is coming off Tommy John surgery. That is a huge red flag, but he should be back to normal if not better. He returned last year and at times looked like his old self, but the Marlins chose to lighten the work load on the young Cuban right hander.

The return for Fernandez should be huge, and quite frankly there are few teams that have the young talent and/or prospects needed to make a deal happen. The Marlins are looking for a huge return and that is what they should net for a talent like Fernandez.

Which teams have the ability, the means, and the need to land Fernandez from the Marlins?

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