Which teams can afford a Jose Fernandez trade?

Credit: John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/TNS

Credit: John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/TNS

Minnesota Twins

The Twins have a need for a starting pitcher. The team has lacked a true ace since the days if Johan Santana. Adding Fernandez would give this team a huge boost. The franchise could really rally around him and take him under their wing.

The Twins have the minor league system to get a deal done. Would a monster deal of Byron Buxton for Fernandez be beneficial for the Twins? Buxton is ranked the top prospect in the game, but he is nothing more than a prospect until he accomplishes anything at the major league level. Fernandez is a sure bet to be dominant as long as he is healthy.

The Twins have other talented young position players like Miguel Sano, Nick Gordon and Jorge Polanco. Sano came up last year and showed great potential. The Twins wouldn’t be too inclined to deal the slugging infielder. Gordon and Polanco are very nice prospects, and the Twins also have some decent pitching prospects like Tyler Jay and Jose Berrios. It would take Sano, Berrios, and Nick Gordon to get the talks going.

Tough call giving up that kind of talent, but Fernandez is no slouch.

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