Which teams can afford a Jose Fernandez trade?


Credit: Nick Pivetta/ MILB.Com

Washington Nationals

The Nationals have been rumored to be very interested in making a splash. They just missed out on both Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist. They can still find and outfielder and second baseman on the open market, so perhaps the team turns it attention to making a splash in a different way.

Teaming Fernandez with Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, and Gio Gonzalez would be lethal for the National League East. Fernandez would require a huge haul and that’s where the Nationals hit a minor road block. The Nationals have young pitchers like Joe Ross and Lucas Giolito that would interest the Marlins. Giolito is rated the third-best prospect in all of minor league baseball. He and a package with Michael Taylor might be enticing, but the Marlins are reportedly looking for a group of players.

The Nationals have some holes on the team, but they have the money to fix them on the free-agent market. If they want to make a huge move like this, they need to do it before all the talent signs. Adding Fernandez would be huge for the Nationals, but they have many issues offensively. They probably are not looking to make a move in this direction. However G.M. Mike Rizzo is known to have a propensity for the dramatic.

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