Classic Threads: Montreal Expos

Introducing Canada’s First Baseball Team: 1969-1979

Darryl Norenberg / US Presswire

When Major League Baseball expanded in 1969, the Montreal Expos became the first Canadian franchise (Toronto did not join until 1977). Just as the league’s uniforms were about to explode with crazy color schemes and designs, the Expos were at the forefront, embracing powder blue. All the while, their main color scheme – red, white and blue, was borrowed from their other pro team, the Montreal Canadiens.

Both the home and the road uniforms were the same design. On the left side was the Expos logo above the word “expos” in a lower case blue font. The right side had the player number in the same blue (with white trim added to the road blues). The back name and number was done in blue, again a white outline was added on the road blues.

In 1979, the team made a decision to change up the front jersey number color. On both the home and away jerseys, the number went to red. On the back, the name and numbers stayed the same blue color scheme.

The Expos hat was unique in that it was a three panel lid. With the back panel blue, the red in the middle and white up front, with a red brim, it was different. The “mod M” logo includes an “e” in red (for Expos) and “b” in blue (for baseball). Personally, I always loved the design, it’s a fun look.

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