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The Expos New Stripes: 1980-1991

Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa Citizen

Not a lot changed during this set of uniforms. The addition of the blue and red stripe gave the uniforms an updated (and for 1980) and stylish upgrade. This is the most iconic look the team had.

The Expos logo, script and numbers did not change in terms of style or font. The only thing altered was the coloring.

The home whites remained similar to the previous run. The left side still had the logo on top of the blue script. The right featured the player number in the same blue. On the back the player name and number was done in blue.

On the road blues, the injection of a new color gave it added pop. The “expos” script and player number went to red. The same red was applied for the name and number on the back. A blue trim was added later to the back.

The beauty of the red and blue stripe was using it along every side seam of the jersey top and the pants.

There was no change to the iconic three panel lid. Why change something that’s not broken.

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