Classic Threads: Montreal Expos

A More Modern and Classic Look: 1992-2004

Montreal Gazette

Montreal Gazette

The Expos never had a problem adapting to the changes in baseball style. Once stripes running along the sleeves went out, they updated. A circle logo patch was added to the home and away jerseys.

White pinstripe jerseys became their home uniform. A blue with red trim “Expos” script in cursive, with a tail, became their new look. The front player number moved over to the left side. On the back, the name was arched and the number went to a blocked style in blue with red trim.

The road jerseys were the best. A plain gray top had “Montreal” in a cursive script in red with a blue and white outline. Like the home the player number was below it.  I loved the fleur-de-lis above the “e” on the tailed script. It’s a small touch but looks great. The back was just like the home with the arched name and the block number in red with the blue and white trim.

Supposedly, there was a blue alternate worn briefly by the team. It was one of their batting practice tops, either the “Expos” or “Montreal” script ones. I did not find any proof of it otherwise. Any Expos fans want to verify that, feel free to let me know. I kind of hope they did, they look very cool.

A solid blue hat, with the Expos logo, became their standard lid.

While it was sad the Expos left, it was great to see baseball return to the nation’s capital in the Washington Nationals. As I wrote earlier, hopefully we get a newer version of the Expos and see the red, white and blue back in Habs land.

On Monday, I’ll start in the AL Central, as Classic Threads will look at the Chicago White Sox

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