Grading Each Team’s Offseason (So Far): American League

Source: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images North America

While it is still only December, there has already been plenty of action this offseason around Major League Baseball. Some teams have been busier than others. There have been good moves made, as well as a few head-scratchers. How do the teams grade out so far?

Let’s finish with the American League, and go division-by-division.

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  1. concernedcitizen20099

    AL Central is not weak.

    It has produced the WS Champion, the AL Champion many years over the past decade.
    AL Central has may rising teams in the Twins, White Sox, Indians
    with perennial contenders in the Tigers and Royals.
    Writer does not do his homework.

    And, the Writer ranks the Astros offseason as a B+
    after they lose 8 key players and gain only a closer?

    Weak aticle and analysis…

    • danumd87

      The AL central is definitely mediocre at present. The Royals are perennial contenders while the tigers have the look of a good team which still is too old and has far too many holes to truly be competitive. The Twins are ok and on the rise but not ready to compete for anything yet. Meanwhile the Indians and white sox are both quite bad. When compared to the extremely strong AL East and a far more competitive AL West, calling the league’s worst division ‘mediocre’ is quite fair. Fortunately there is a good deal of balance in the game at present so being the worst division is no longer akin to those years of the 79 win playoff Pads, etc.

      The author wasn’twrong here

      • danumd87

        I’m sorry but which division is the central better than?

      • J J

        Joke! The Indians have the best young rotation in the American League. If Napoli can hit lefties like he has shown and Brantley gets healthy by May they are among the elite! Very strong up the middle and as good as there is 1-3 starters in the AL.

      • danumd87

        If we only talk about teams strengths,we can make anybody look great. Reality check time. The Indians have holes everywhere. Yes, the strong core of young starters is a great backbone and makes their problems easier to solve in the near future. But they’re still lacking in difference making talent at most positions. They’re upside is at best among the group chasing the second wild card. They are not remotely close to elite.

      • JJ

        Quality starting rotation, strong up the middle, established closer and proven manager that know how to handle the pen will put any team into divisional contention. No one division is dominant any longer in either league and Winter moves guarantee nothing.

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