Top Stories To Watch Over the Remainder of the Offseason

Credit: Winslow Townsend/ AP Photo

Credit: Winslow Townsend/ AP Photo

The offseason has already been memorable, as we have had tons of free-agent signings and a few trades. There is more to come as there are still teams trying to make additions for the 2016 season. Some teams really went the extra mile this winter while others have been mostly quiet.

The Cubs, Giants, Diamondbacks and Red Sox have all made major additions to their squads. Craig Kimbrel and David Price provide the Red Sox the pitching they lacked last season. Now the question is can the team find some chemistry. The Giants restocked their starting staff with the additions of Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija. They also are reportedly looking for an outfielder as well.

The D’backs acquisition of Zack Greinke makes them an instant contender. The also made an aggressive push for Shelby Miller. Miller and Greinke will give them a fantastic starting staff. The Cubs’ additions of John Lackey, Ben Zobrist and Jason Heyward have solidified the team and they still have prospects to move for more additions to the pitching staff.

There will be more moves, that is a certainty. Although, it is difficult to predict any moves that a major league franchise makes, I will attempt to predict some moves you can look for in the coming weeks. So here are some potential moves to look for.

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