Top Stories To Watch Over the Remainder of the Offseason

Credit: Stephen Dunn/ Getty Images

Credit: Stephen Dunn/ Getty Images

Joining the likes of David Price, Zack Greinke, Jason Heyward, and Johnny Cueto, these three sluggers should each get a payday in the excess of $100 million. The free-agent market has developed slowly this winter as there were many quality free agents available.

Cespedes has no qualifying offer attached to him and should sign soon. He, out of the three, is the most likely to just fall short of the $100 million payday. It is still likely, but his numbers are just a tick lower than that of Davis or Upton. His second half last season in the big market of New York boosted his value. It remains to be seen if the 30-year-old can get a payday that big.

Justin Upton and Chris Davis will surely get a contract somewhere around the deal Heyward got from the Cubs. Davis reportedly has already gotten an offer from the Orioles around $150 million for seven years. I have no idea why he hasn’t signed if he was offered that, because that is more than fair. Oh yeah, his agent is Scott Boras. They will squeeze any franchise for every last penny they can get. With no consideration for the teams payroll and the future.

Upton should easily get a huge payday, but the market on him has been eerily quiet. The Padres have virtually no shot to sign him after a 2015 season in which he was the team’s only representative in the All-Star game. The Friars have too much money invested in James Shields, Matt Kemp and Melvin Upton Jr. The market on Upton should heat up soon as, in my opinion, he was the best true hitter available on the free agent market to start the season.

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