Top Stories To Watch Over the Remainder of the Offseason

Credit: Andy Lyons/ Getty Images

Credit: Andy Lyons/ Getty Images

  • The Reds will continue to dismantle their team in an attempt to rebuild

Even though Aroldis Chapman is still currently a Red, that doesn’t mean they won’t be active on the trade front. Chapman himself will probably be dealt once teams feel at ease about the question marks surrounding his personal life. His talent is just too advanced for him not to be given a second chance by someone.

Brandon Phillips was already on his way to Washington before he vetoed the deal. As the winter progresses the Reds will attempt to move Phillips again. They will also try to move Jay Bruce and could even attempt to move Joey Votto. Though his ridiculous contract is going to be some tough task to peddle off on someone else.

The Reds are in complete rebuild mode. They have some horrible contracts in Votto and Homer Bailey. They need to sell off their major assets in an attempt to build for the future. They have already been doing that. Todd Frazier was moved quite easily as the Reds seemingly had no problem finding a suitor for him. Expect more moves from this team.

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