Top Stories To Watch Over the Remainder of the Offseason

Credit: Jim Davis/ Boston Globe

Credit: Jim Davis/ Boston Globe

I don’t know which free agent signing from last offseason was worse for the Sox. Each player performed horribly and have done nothing to endear them self to Red Sox’ fans. Sandoval showed up to camp overweight and had a below average season at the plate and on the field. He had constant nagging injuries and there were constant rumors about the franchise being uneasy with the investment in Sandoval.

Ramirez was a mess on the field for the Sox and looks more and more like a DH. His days of starting at shortstop are long gone, ask any Dodgers’ fan about that. He could be serviceable as a team’s DH, but instead the Sox will attempt to let Ramirez play first base. David Ortiz is the Sox’ primary full-time designated hitter and Ramirez will need to play the field somewhere to be an everyday player.

The two will be shopped around but teams know the Sox are angry at the two and their efforts. No team will give the Sox anything close to what they want and the potential trade partner would insist they pay 60-75 percent of the duo’s contract. So, unless the Sox are willing to pay someone to take the two off their hands, they will most likely be stuck with them in 2016 and beyond.

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